Patricia Pomies Shapes Globant’s Global Influence, Advocates for Women in Tech

Patricia Pomies Shapes Globant’s Global Influence, Advocates for Women in Tech

SPAIN: Patricia Pomies, currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Globant, has significantly influenced the global operations of the digital native company since joining over a decade ago. Hailing from Pigüé, Argentina, Pomies has been pivotal in championing inclusivity and fostering innovation within both the technology sector and management roles. Her dedication extends to advocating for greater opportunities for women in technology, evidenced by her active participation in organizations like the Women Corporate Directors Foundation and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Additionally, Pomies has held influential positions on the boards of Digital House, an educational technology institute, since 2020, and Dock Tech, a prominent Latin American digital banking firm, since 2021.

Pomies embarked on a European expansion journey three years ago, solidifying Globant’s presence in Spain. Her leadership, which spans over five years as Head of Operations and Talent, has facilitated strategic collaborations with major brands across diverse industries, including finance, healthcare, and gaming. At the heart of her responsibilities lies the preservation of Globant’s distinct corporate culture—an ethos rooted in diversity, dynamism, and autonomy, integral to the company’s identity over its two-decade history. This culture resonates deeply with Globant’s workforce, affectionately known as “globers,” and is a key factor in attracting younger generations, drawn to its continuous integration of cutting-edge technological and societal trends.

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Navigating Globant’s Future: Innovation and Inclusion

“In my role at Globant, I oversee a multifaceted portfolio encompassing operations and people management across our 30 global branches,” Pomies explains. “My focus is on delivering exceptional customer value through strategic insights and nurturing high-performing teams that leverage their talents to drive both personal growth and Globant’s overarching success.”

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Critical to Globant’s operations is its workforce, which Pomies views as pivotal to sustaining the company’s accelerated growth trajectory, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks.

Recently featured in Forbes Women, Pomies Reflecting on her mission to challenge conventional norms and drive transformative change, Pomies underscores the importance of cultivating teams with diverse expertise. “Success hinges on fostering a collaborative environment where horizontal communication is encouraged,” she emphasizes.

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Patricia Pomies Advocating for Gender Inclusivity in Tech

While acknowledging progress in gender inclusivity within the tech sector, Pomies highlights persistent disparities. “The tech industry still lags in achieving gender equality,” she notes. “Addressing barriers to women’s access to tech education and leadership roles remains a priority. My goal is to champion inclusive policies that support diverse profiles across our organization.”

Balancing Growth with Corporate Values

As Globant continues its rapid expansion, Pomies stresses the significance of aligning growth strategies with core cultural values. “Our approach—termed ‘chaotic balance’—integrates innovation while preserving our organizational ethos,” she affirms.

Outside her professional commitments, Pomies places equal emphasis on family and personal pursuits. “Building strong teams, both professionally and personally, enables me to achieve a harmonious balance between career aspirations and personal fulfillment,” she shares. “Motherhood has reinforced my commitment to advocating work-life balance, ensuring policies that empower women to pursue professional goals without sacrificing family commitments.”

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Beyond her executive duties, Pomies enjoys travel, cultural exploration, and outdoor activities like kitesurfing—a passion that connects her with nature amid urban life.

Advice for Future Leaders

To aspiring leaders, Pomies offers steadfast advice: “Believe in your capabilities, maintain authenticity, and embrace continuous learning and adaptation. Stay true to your values while striving for personal and professional growth.”

Patricia Pomies exemplifies leadership characterized by innovation, inclusivity, and a steadfast commitment to shaping a brighter future for Globant and the tech industry as a whole.

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