Hollywood Producer Ashok Amritraj Unveils ‘God Must Die’ Poster at Cannes

FRANCE: The ace Hollywood producer and former tennis champion Ashok Amritraj, chairman and CEO of Hyde Park Entertainment Group, unveiled the poster of noted Indian filmmaker Mustajabuddin Malik’s latest feature film, ‘God Must Die,’ at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Amritraj, who has produced over 100 films during his 35-year career with collective worldwide revenues exceeding US$2 billion, reflected upon his remarkable journey in an exclusive Fireside Chat with renowned author and biographer Dr. Bhuvan Lall at the Bharat Pavilion at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival.

In Malik’s gripping drama, set against the backdrop of a small town in India, audiences are confronted with the startling assertion by a Malang named Abram, portrayed by the talented Sandeep Kartar Singh, that he has committed the unthinkable act of killing God. This bold claim, supported by an eyewitness account, catapults the narrative into a national dialogue on the very essence of faith and existence in the modern world.

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As the story unfolds, a social media frenzy ensues, amplifying the Malang’s declaration and drawing inquisitive minds from all corners. Local vloggers capture the unfolding drama, propelling the enigmatic Malang into the spotlight and igniting a fervent debate that transcends boundaries.

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Director Mustajabuddin Malik, known for his daring and insightful storytelling, delves deep into the complexities of human belief systems, challenging audiences to confront their own perceptions of truth and spirituality. “Film is a medium that allows us to question, provoke, and challenge new ideas,” affirms Malik, underscoring the film’s underlying mission to stimulate critical thought.

‘God Must Die’ features an ensemble cast including Rashmi Singh, Priyanka Sharma, Gulshan Walia, Saloni Tyagi, and Raes Amrohi, each delivering powerful performances that resonate long after the credits roll. Complemented by evocative lyrics penned by Mirdula Ghai and a haunting musical score by Jasvinder Gill, the film promises an immersive cinematic experience unlike any other.

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‘God Must Die’ Poised for Global Acclaim After Cannes Premiere

With its poster launch at the Cannes Film Festival, ‘God Must Die’ is well on course for potential accolades on the global stage. With Sandeep Kartar Singh already receiving recognition for his compelling portrayal, the film’s journey towards critical acclaim and universal recognition is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

Mustajabuddin Malik is an esteemed filmmaker recognized for his daring and thought-provoking narratives. With previous works including ‘Takila’ and ‘Majaz: Life in Poetry,’ Malik continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions through his unparalleled vision.

Sandeep Kartar Singh, hailed as one of Hindi cinema’s most promising actors, has garnered acclaim for his versatility and dedication to his craft. With his award-winning performance in ‘God Must Die,’ Singh solidifies his status as a talent to watch in the global film industry.

The Cannes Film Festival stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of cinema, celebrating creativity, innovation, and artistic expression on an international stage. As ‘God Must Die’ premieres at the esteemed festival, it continues a tradition of showcasing groundbreaking works that resonate with audiences worldwide.

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