Comedian Shyam Rangeela Files Nomination Against PM Modi in Varanasi

INDIA: In a bold move that has garnered widespread attention, stand-up comedian Shyam Rangeela has officially filed his nomination papers to contest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi for India’s seven-phase general elections. The holy city by the River Ganges will go to the polls in the seventh phase on June 1, with results to be declared on June 4.

Rangeela, known for his viral impressions of the prime minister, faced significant obstacles in his bid to run as an independent candidate. After alleging repeated obstructions since May 10, he finally submitted his paperwork on Tuesday, just hours after PM Modi filed his own nomination.

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In a video posted earlier that day, Rangeela claimed he was denied entry to the district magistrate’s office due to the prime minister’s scheduled visit. He also wrote a letter to the Election Commission, criticizing the slow nomination process and the treatment of candidates at the returning officer’s office.

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Rangeela’s entry into the political arena follows his announcement on May 2 that he would contest the Lok Sabha elections against the prime minister. Emphasizing the importance of democratic choice, he stated, “India’s democracy allows anyone to contest elections. People should have an option if they want to vote against a candidate.”

Amid Electoral Controversies, Shyam Rangeela Vows Not to Withdraw Against PM Modi

The comedian’s candidacy comes amid controversies in other constituencies, where opposition candidates have withdrawn or faced disqualification. Highlighting these issues, Rangeela said, “By contesting the elections against the prime minister, I want to assure the public that at least one person will not withdraw his nomination.”

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Rangeela’s journey into politics began in 2022 with the Aam Aadmi Party, but he soon chose to continue independently, declaring, “I am my own master.” His foray into the electoral fray underscores his commitment to ensuring voters have a genuine alternative.

As Varanasi prepares for a crucial vote, all eyes will be on this high-profile contest, where a comedian takes on the prime minister in a unique test of India’s democratic spirit.

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