Cloud Careers Soar as Orbit Future Academy’s AWS re/Start Graduation Lights Up Semarang

INDONESIA: Orbit Future Academy in Semarang, Central Java, marked a significant milestone today as it celebrated the graduation of its inaugural AWS re/Start cohort, underscoring its commitment to fostering employment opportunities and inclusivity in the digital age. Supported by Accenture, this initiative has equipped participants, including disadvantaged youth, with vital cloud computing skills, opening doors to promising career paths.

The AWS re/Start program, aligned with AWS’s cloud skill development initiatives, offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare individuals for entry to mid-level cloud roles. Through a blend of coursework and hands-on labs featuring real-world scenarios, participants gain technical proficiency under the guidance of professional mentors and accredited instructors.

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Orbit Future Academy: Empowering Semarang’s Digital Workforce with AWS re/Start

Nalin Singh, CEO of Orbit Future Academy, emphasized the program’s role in addressing the demand for cloud skills in Indonesia, stating, “AWS re/Start helps bridge the demand and supply mismatch of cloud skills in Indonesia. The program gives learners a broad perspective and understanding of modern technologies which helps them improve overall efficiency and consistency at work.”

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Accenture’s commitment to upskilling resonates deeply with this endeavor, as Jayant Bhargava, Country Managing Director of Accenture Indonesia, highlighted, “Accenture, as a net creator of talent, remains committed to enhancing Indonesia’s global competitiveness through upskilling.”

Anthony Amni, Country Manager of AWS Indonesia, emphasized the transformative impact of AWS re/Start, stating, “AWS re/Start brings ‘net-new’ talent into the workforce, helping individuals to launch successful cloud careers, organizations to increase their competitive edge with in-demand talent, and communities to thrive and grow.”

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Since its launch in Indonesia in 2022, Orbit Future Academy has trained over 2,000 learners, reflecting the program’s momentum in addressing the region’s skill gaps. Graduates of the six-month program receive an AWS certification, validating their cloud computing expertise and enhancing their employability. Orbit Future Academy further supports graduates by facilitating connections with potential employers, ensuring a seamless transition into the workforce.

The collaboration between Orbit Future Academy, Accenture, and AWS exemplifies a collective effort to empower individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy. As Indonesia aims to achieve its vision for 2045, initiatives like AWS re/Start play a pivotal role in driving innovation, productivity, and inclusive growth.

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