Anastasia Nyrkovskaya Makes History as Fortune Media’s First Female CEO

UNITED STATES: Fortune Media has ushered in a new era of leadership with the appointment of Anastasia Nyrkovskaya as its Chief Executive Officer, marking a significant milestone in the storied history of the 95-year-old business media brand. Nyrkovskaya’s appointment as the first woman to helm Fortune underscores the company’s commitment to diversity and innovation in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Having served as Fortune’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the past five years, Anastasia Nyrkovskaya brings a wealth of experience in finance, investing, and corporate development to her new role. Her journey to the top is a testament to her strategic vision and relentless dedication to driving growth and profitability.

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Anastasia’s illustrious career spans senior roles at NBCUniversal, KPMG, and XpresSpa Group, where she honed her expertise in finance and accounting. At NBCUniversal, she played a pivotal role in major acquisitions and financial oversight, demonstrating her ability to navigate complex business environments with finesse.

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Since joining Fortune Media in 2019, Anastasia has been at the forefront of the company’s digital transformation, spearheading initiatives to diversify its revenue streams and expand its global footprint. Under her leadership, Fortune has evolved into a profitable, digital-first, and globally recognized multi-platform media powerhouse, setting new standards of excellence in journalism and business coverage.

Outgoing CEO Alan Murray praised Nyrkovskaya’s contributions, highlighting her instrumental role in steering Fortune through a period of unprecedented growth and transformation. He expressed confidence in her ability to lead the company into its second century, building upon its rich legacy of journalistic integrity and editorial excellence.

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In her new role as CEO, Anastasia Nyrkovskaya is poised to lead Fortune Media to even greater heights, driving innovation, growth, and global expansion. With a deep appreciation for Fortune’s journalistic heritage and a passion for empowering its talented team, she is committed to charting a bold course for the future, rooted in integrity, creativity, and success.

Anastasia Nyrkovskaya’s appointment as CEO heralds a new chapter in Fortune’s illustrious history, affirming the brand’s commitment to leadership, innovation, and inclusivity in the dynamic world of business media. As she takes the helm, the future of Fortune Media shines brighter than ever, guided by her vision, leadership, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

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