Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Alippo’s Journey to Revolutionize Solopreneurship

INDIA: Bangalore-based startup Alippo is making waves in the entrepreneurial landscape by empowering women to upskill and launch their own businesses. Spearheaded by co-founders Nikhil Bansal and Ayushi Sinha, Alippo aims to tap into India’s vast potential by providing a platform tailored to the needs of aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Inspired by her mother-in-law’s culinary experiments during the pandemic, Ayushi Sinha recognized the passion and potential of women across India to explore new skills and avenues. “India has around 30 crore women in the working age bracket who are not in any formal paid work,” Ayushi notes, highlighting the vast untapped resource that Alippo seeks to harness.

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Initially starting as an edtech platform, Alippo quickly evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem for solopreneurs, offering courses ranging from baking and cooking to product formulation and makeup. However, Alippo’s vision extends beyond mere upskilling; it aims to provide end-to-end assistance, guiding women through the process of launching and running their own businesses.

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One of the key strategies in Alippo’s growth journey has been its collaboration with WebEngage. Through the WebEngage Startup Program, Alippo has been able to leverage personalized user journeys and insights to enhance user retention and acquisition. “Retention is not just a strategy but a way for us to build end-to-end user journeys,” says Sukriti Soni, Founding Member and Growth Head at Alippo.

The partnership with WebEngage has yielded promising results, with Alippo witnessing a significant increase in its user-to-paid customer conversion rate. By tailoring user experiences and recommendations, Alippo has successfully boosted engagement and facilitated the transition from learning to entrepreneurship for its users.

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Looking ahead, Alippo is committed to democratizing entrepreneurship in India, with plans to leverage generative AI to support micro-entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses independently. With their innovative approach and strategic partnerships, Alippo is poised to continue empowering women and driving economic growth in the years to come.

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