Rosa Tiziana Bruno: Cultivating ‘Childish Hearts’ Amidst Societal Complexity

SPAIN: In the vibrant realm where childhood meets sociology, Rosa Tiziana Bruno, a Ph.D. Candidate at Complutense University of Madrid, stands as a beacon of inspiration. Her life’s mission revolves around unraveling the intricacies of childhood, crafting enchanting tales for young minds, and delving into the profound field of educational sociology.

In a candid conversation, Rosa opens up about her unique approach, rooted in the belief that nurturing a “childish heart” is key to understanding and caring for the world. Her creative endeavors, whether in the form of captivating novels for children or insightful essays on education for teachers, emanate from this foundational idea.

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Motivated by an insatiable curiosity about the world, Rosa channels her energy into sociological research aimed at deciphering harmful mechanisms affecting collective and individual well-being, particularly among children. Her current focus is on unraveling the intricate dynamics of how expressions of anger serve as models for the younger generation.

Balancing personal and professional life, especially for women, presents its own set of challenges, and Rosa acknowledges societal barriers. However, she underscores the importance of determination and social solidarity in overcoming these obstacles. Drawing inspiration from her mother, a devoted primary school teacher, Rosa learned the true value of educational commitment through unwavering perseverance in the face of everyday struggles.

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In times of difficulty, Rosa turns to the profound impact of reading, viewing good books not just as sources of inspiration but as tools that teach critical thinking, foster connections between seemingly disparate elements, and ignite the imagination to explore new possibilities.

Addressing those aspiring to carve a different path in life, Rosa encourages introspection to identify individual strengths and talents. She challenges prevailing insecurities and advocates for recognizing the untapped potential within. Her workshops often pose the question: “What good can I really do for myself and for others?” emphasizing the transformative power of reading as an invaluable guide to explore the world within and beyond.

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In a world where challenges may dampen enthusiasm, Rosa Tiziana Bruno stands tall, urging everyone to embrace curiosity, commitment, and the resilience of a “childish heart” in the pursuit of something different in life.

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