Willi Würms and Don Pancho Fernandez Craft a Luxurious Tale with Exceptional Rum

PANAMA: In a remarkable collaboration blending expertise and passion, international finance and entrepreneurship icon Willi Würms joins forces with legendary rum maestro Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez to breathe new life into Ron Calero, a cherished rum brand from late 19th-century Panama.

This partnership signifies a convergence of rich histories, shared passions, and a commitment to the highest standards in luxury rum production.

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Don Pancho, the Cuban Legacy: Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez’s journey is one of passion, tradition, and transformative influence in the world of rum. Beginning in the sugarcane fields of Cuba, he honed his remarkable “golden nose.” Over five decades, Don Pancho rose from humble beginnings to become the revered “Minister of Rum” and the “Great Grandfather of Havana Club.” His mastery revolutionized the Cuban rum industry, introducing modern techniques and elevating premium rum production standards.

The 1990s saw Don Pancho’s move to Panama, where he continued to refine his craft and played a crucial role in Ron Abuelo’s success. His expertise and vision shaped Ron Abuelo, establishing it as a globally celebrated rum. Leading the rejuvenation of the Las Cabras Distillery, Don Pancho contributed to crafting some of the world’s finest rums, solidifying Panama’s standing in the industry.

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Don Pancho’s legacy extends beyond the rums he created, influencing global rum production standards. His relentless dedication to rum-making resonates through each bottle, reflecting his profound impact on the industry.

A Journey of Versatility and Excellence: Willi Würms’s life has been a tapestry of cultural immersion, financial acumen, and a pursuit of excellence. Raised in a family with Swiss and Latin American roots, Würms’s global upbringing provides a deep understanding of diverse business environments.

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From managing hotels to navigating international finance, Würms’s career showcases significant achievements in banking, fintech, and luxury brands. His entrepreneurial spirit led to success in identifying and cultivating high-potential market niches.

A Partnership Born of Shared Passions: Würms and Don Pancho’s collaboration celebrates a deep-rooted friendship, a mutual appreciation for rum, cigars, and life’s finer aspects. Together, they propel Ron Calero to the forefront of the rum world – an experience, a narrative of luxury, history, and craftsmanship.

The Embodiment of Luxury and Tradition: Ron Calero, with its rich legacy and exquisite taste, captivates rum enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs. Each bottle reflects the partnership’s dedication to quality and Panama’s rum-making heritage.

“We are not just reintroducing Ron Calero; we are reviving a legacy,” says Willi Würms. “Working with Don Pancho, a visionary in rum craftsmanship, is an honor. Together, we are bringing a piece of Panama’s rich history to the world.”

As Ron Calero re-enters the market, it does so with a story interwoven with the tapestry of global culture and tradition. Willi Würms, with his diverse cultural background and deep understanding of the luxury market, brings unparalleled sophistication to the brand. Under Don Pancho’s guidance, Ron Calero is an artwork created with a profound understanding of sugarcane nuances and aging secrets, embodying Caribbean authenticity with a distinct Panamanian flair.

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