Padmini Janaki’s Tech-Infused Startup Redefining Female Reproductive Health

INDIA: In a groundbreaking initiative, Padmini Janaki, a tech enthusiast and product manager from Chennai, is steering a healthcare revolution for women through her startup, ‘Mind & Mom.’ Launched in 2021, this innovative venture leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape the landscape of female healthcare, emphasizing the importance of seamless parenthood.

Janaki’s fascination with technology, cultivated since her childhood, culminated in the creation of Mind & Mom. The startup aims to address the dearth of support and information surrounding motherhood, drawing inspiration from Janaki’s own experiences as the daughter of a single mother.

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Observing the societal lens through which motherhood was perceived in Chennai, Janaki became acutely aware of the often-unspoken challenges and changes that accompany the journey into motherhood. Believing that women should have the right to choose their path, she sought to provide comprehensive support for those deciding to get pregnant.

Her transformative experience came during a research project in the United States in 2019, focusing on teen pregnancies. Witnessing pregnant teens eager to raise their children independently without fully understanding the implications became Janaki’s wake-up call. This prompted her return to India, where she dedicated the year to developing a model ensuring women had the necessary support before and during pregnancy.

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In 2021, Mind & Mom secured a Rs 10 lakh grant as part of StartupTN’s TANSEED 2021 initiative. The comprehensive fertility app has since supported over two lakh women, offering guidance for couples undergoing treatment and resources for mental and physical health.

Mind & Mom’s approach extends beyond conventional boundaries by educating women about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), a fertility treatment often misunderstood. The startup emphasizes lifestyle changes, enabling 40 to 50 percent of women to conceive naturally without the need for IVF.

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A digital companion for women embarking on their fertility journey, the app tracks menstrual cycles, ovulation, and offers mental wellness activities. The first three months focus on aligning women with the right lifestyle, including fitness, nutrition, meditation, and more.

The app boasts an advisory board comprising Dr Navin Gnanasekaran, Group Head at Apollo Hospitals; Dr Kanimozhi Karthik, a fertility specialist at Apollo; and Dr Vinayak Smith, OBGYN. Dr Kanimozhi commends the app as a modern boon, acting as a digital companion for women navigating their fertility journey.

AI plays a pivotal role in connecting patients with IVF clinics based on compatibility, ensuring accessibility for women who might otherwise struggle with the cost of treatment. Janaki acknowledges the transformative power of AI in reproductive health, using it to bring happiness into people’s lives.

While contemplating the implications of a growing population, Janaki sees India’s strength in its demographic dividend. Mind & Mom continues to be a beacon of support, combining technology and compassion to revolutionize the female reproductive space under Padmini Janaki’s visionary leadership.

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