Pune Startup Anatomech Revolutionizes Home-Based Rehabilitation

INDIA: In the realm of chronic physical discomfort and long-term injury recovery, Pune-based startup Anatomech is breaking barriers with its cutting-edge smart wearable devices designed for home-based physical rehabilitation. Founded by healthcare wearable devices design engineer Divyakshi Kaushik in March 2020, Anatomech is on a mission to make rehabilitation accessible and convenient.

Anatomech’s flagship brand, KUE, introduced in August 2021, boasts five compression products with 30 SKUs, including graduated compression socks, arm sleeves, and calf sleeves. Engineered to provide graded compression, these products regulate blood flow, relieve fatigue, and combat stress in limbs during daily activities, sports, and overall well-being.

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The startup, with its five-member team, is set to expand its product line by soon launching joint support for knees and elbows. This new offering aims to enhance blood circulation and alleviate limb discomfort for athletes and individuals grappling with joint pain. The KUE compression products, priced between Indian Rupee (Rs) 350 and Rs 1,299, are readily available on Anatomech’s website (kues.in) and popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Anatomech’s commitment to accessibility extends to plans for launching its products on e-pharmacies, ensuring convenient access to rehabilitative wearables. Divyakshi Kaushik emphasizes their distribution strategy, primarily focusing on e-pharmacies, e-commerce platforms, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels.

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Beyond static compression products, Anatomech is pioneering a bionic wearable for lymphedema, a painful swelling affecting limb mobility, often experienced by cancer survivors. This smart, daily wearable integrates patented actuators to apply sequential and intermittent radial compressive pressures, reducing chronic swelling and associated discomfort. Divyakshi highlights the urgent need for management solutions, emphasizing progress tracking and therapy plan refinement for optimal outcomes.

Anatomech’s innovative approach doesn’t stop at hardware. They are actively developing digital capabilities to enable remote patient monitoring and optimized therapy recommendations. The startup’s minimum viable product for lymphedema management, priced at around Rs 45,000, is currently undergoing preliminary testing and can be used for two to three hours daily at home.

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In terms of funding, Anatomech has secured approximately Rs 1 crore through government grants from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Goverment of India, and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC). The startup, incubated since 2018 at Venture Center, a technology business incubator, has received mentoring and networking opportunities through various global programs.

As Anatomech charts its course in the competitive landscape, Divyakshi underscores their commitment to providing Made in India, lab-certified products at a competitive price range. Looking ahead, the startup envisions creating tech products for the $350 billion home healthcare management market. Their focus on integrating remote monitoring features aligns with the evolving healthcare landscape, emphasizing convenience, personalized care, and remote monitoring – values increasingly vital in today’s healthcare paradigm.

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